Well mine is so old that he doesn't have teeth.

—Carrie describing her boyfriend in "The Pressure"

I just read about it on the internet! I didn't think it was gonna work!

—Carrie to Darwin in "The Flower"


—Carrie belittling Gumball in "Halloween"

So if you don't get back to your bodies by the stroke of midnight, you'll remain ghosts, forever.

—Carrie warning Gumball and Darwin in "Halloween"

You know, there are easier ways to hurt your eyes. You could pour salt in them while staring at the sun, for example.

—Carrie to Gumball in "The Pony"

I thought I was a hardcore horror movie fan but I was living a lie!
Tell me, is it wrong for a punk rock chick living in a haunted, malevolent mansion to be touched by the magical friendship of a pony?

—Carrie's reaction to A Pony's Tail in "The Pony"

Uh, I think what Masami's trying to say is that, you guys are so perfect it kind of makes us wish for your downfall.

—Carrie describing Alan and Carmen's relationship in "The Storm"

You know, the fact that you don't know what you're apologizing for means that you basically don't care.

—Carrie to Gumball in "The Voice"

Coach's workout was terrible. I actually felt alive.

—Carrie in "The Coach"

Dad? It's me. Do you recognize me?

—Carrie in "The Mirror"

S-so, Darwin. Do you mind if I borrow your body to, y-you know?

—Carrie to Darwin in "The Scam"

That wasn't a plan, it was just a series of bleak things that will probably happen.

—Carrie to Gumball in "The Matchmaker"

Oh sure, I'll help you. I'll help you FAIL!

—Carrie in "The Matchmaker"

Great plan. If C stands for SERIOUSLY STUPID!

—Carrie to Gumball in "The Matchmaker"

I meant I'm disappointed in myself. If you like someone, you're supposed to help them find happiness...not ruin their chances."

—Carrie to Gumball in "The Matchmaker"

Uh, hey... so, would you like to go out somewhere sometime and do...something? Or-or we could go somewhere else sometime and do some...other thing.

—Carrie to Darwin in "The Matchmaker"