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  • Gameuser10

    Words and Thoughts

    March 23, 2015 by Gameuser10
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  • WaterDemonBaku

    Hi there, hope you're all having an okay time. Some pals of mine decided to do something for Christmas this year. Consider this in a way, a gift for everyone. It'll be updated every day for the next seven days leading up to the 24th. Hopefully you'll all find enjoyment out of this, because we had fun making this for you.

    "I don't think half of our enemies are really enemies. Sometimes they could just be looking out for you, you know? If someone wrongs me or my friends in some way, I always ask, 'there's a reason they did that.' Were they trying to help me? Maybe they had a grudge or something? No matter who you like or what you believe in, everything happens for a reason. We should look for it before drawing to any conclusion."

    “Never interr…

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  • Gemmaniac


    December 20, 2015 by Gemmaniac

    Hi , i joined about (almost) a year ago, and i stayed pretty inactive, but after i realized that i have nothing much to do since its christmas vacation and the SU hiatus still hasnt end yet, i  might as well help out as much as i  can, so yah...hi?

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  • Ma


    January 14, 2016 by Ma


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  • AquaTerra7


    January 20, 2016 by AquaTerra7

    Hey there! My name is Terra

    but you can call me CJ

    Anyways here are some of the Cartoons I watch:

    1: The Amazing World Of Gumball

    2: We Bare Bears

    3: Gravity Falls

    4: Rick and Morty

    5: Over The Garden Wall

    6: Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil (Sometimes)

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  • Picklehazardforever


    January 3, 2016 by Picklehazardforever

    My ban was mean and unfair.

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  • Palettepony895

    Since the page is locked, I thought I should put some of the transcript here.

    [Oranges fall out the window]
    Gumball! Stop using my bikini to catapult oranges at your dad! [Bubbles and water slip out of the door creak] What the- Gumball! When I told you to clean your room, I didn't mean put everything in the washing machine! [Nicole walks up the stairs] D'oh, not a moment's peace around here. Oh god, where is he now? [Nicole opens up the bathroom door] Gumball! Why is the bathtub full of soda?!
    He must've been trying to make some kind of amazing homemade jacuzzi. I think it's important to encourage the creativity of a child because-
    It was you, wasn't it?
    [Peeks out of the shower curtains] Yes.
    [Nicole sighs and closes the door]
    Gumball, how did you man…

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  • Kuba3324

    kuba plus

    December 22, 2015 by Kuba3324
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  • FlutteringPie

    I've been quite busy on other sites and outside the internet. I need to contribute more to this wiki, instead of just commenting things and not actually editing at all.

    So expect more activity from me in the future. Because I want to help this wiki.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. 

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  • T3hl33tsnake

    I don't know why...

    January 26, 2016 by T3hl33tsnake

    (DISCLAIMER: No disrespect to anyone who's a fan of Penny)

    But, every time I see Penny have a minor role in the later seasons, I can't help but degrade her as a background character (a bland piece of tail for Gumball, if you will) and nothing more. Don't know why, maybe there's just something inside of me that makes me despise her and the role she plays in the series.

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