• Kaijusaurus-Rex

    Gary! Looks like it's that time of week again: leak time!

    This is where I'll post whatever new findings we happen to receive from our beloved Season 6, wether they be leaked screencaps, backgrounds, production art, storyboards, or animation stills. If you happen to find anything, be sure to post it in the comments and I'll add it to the blog!

    • The Forest of Doom returns.

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  • SiN.gummball


    April 12, 2018 by SiN.gummball

    I don't even know where to start for this topic. Let's start by saying, DEVELOPERS< STEP UP THAT PENNY GAME! I don't know why the developers are tricking us into thinking that Penny was going to have a major role in the most recent episode "The Pact" by saying "Principal Brown and Gumball discuss their problems about their girlfriends." I was, also, very hyped this kind of episode to air in Season 6 and there was a month gap between "The Anybody" and "The Pact." I was thinking that this episode was downright upsetting to the Penny fans. I could understand that Principal Brown and Ms. Simian didn't have so many major roles or, at least, supporting roles in the last bunch of episodes. In conclusion, I couldn't help but just get angry over th…

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  • Gumballships

    Ok,so the new episode The Pact is out!I didn't like it.For weeks I was looking forward to seeing Penny back...Not a word!I mean come on!She needs better treatment.And Why is Penny always angry at gumball?They are ruining everything about her!

    What do you think about it?

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  • Leslieisaflower

    Hello and welcome to today's episode of Leslie Rambles.

    This episode will not talk about anything in particular, and is merely an introductory episode.

    So before we start, I'd just like to note that i am not one of those roleplay accounts and i will not talk about things in Leslie's point of view.

    I am also not going to base this series off of Leslie and will instead focus on the show and fandom in general.

    So without further adue, Let's begin this extremely short episode!


    So, this "show" will talk about certain parts of the show and fandom that I either dislike or find interesting. I will try to post at least once a week with a new episode.  Please remember that I will not be attacking anyone in any way and that this is purely my opinion. I'll …

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  • Leslieisaflower

    (sorry about how i didn't post last week i really did not have much time oops)

    Hello and welcome another episode of Leslie Rambles. In this episode, We will be discussing Fan art, which is a topic that seems to be a bit overlooked on the wiki. 

    Introduction aside, let's start.

    As a person which tends to make quite a lot of fan art, i understand the struggle of keeping things canon. Take this for example: Perhaps there's a non canon ship that you really like, but often makes the characters look, well, out of character. Or maybe there's an interesting synopsis for an upcoming episode and you want to make a drawing to predict what will happen. The problem here is that the drawing will come off as inaccurate or silly when the episode does come ou…

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  • Zyh1111113

    Oh my new KEYCHAIN

    April 19, 2018 by Zyh1111113

    AH HA!! I made it myself~   So cute Gumball !!!

    Original Image:

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  • MarvinDarwin

    So, once while I was showering, a random idea just came to my mind.
    There are some users on this wiki who haven't really been engaged in the community much. There are those new users whose work isn't getting enough recognition, there are those who are hated and shouldn't be. They all deserve their time in the spotlight so others could meet their real selves.
    Those users need their time to...shine brighter!

    And therefore, the idea was created. Shine Brighter is a little interview where the interlocutors are given the chance to shine!

    The first user that popped up in my mind (immediately!) was A.S.A.S.A.A.A. He has gone through some serious stuff here and is not really one of the most liked users. Hopefully, this interview will show him in a bette…

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  • Leslieisaflower

    oh jeez, i've been procastinating on this post because i was just too excited for the Shippening. Let's just save that episode for my next blog post however. 


    Hello and welcome to the third installation of my series called Leslie Rambles. In this episode, we'll talk about Tobias.

    No, I'm not joking. The main topic on this post will be about Tobias.

    But why?

    Well, you see,

    Tobias seems to be a fan favorite character, despite acting sort of like a jerk in the TV show.

    Yet despite all the dumb and jerk-ish stuff he does, we all seem to love him.

    Today, I'll be dissecting this character and hopefully get down to the reason why he is one of the best characters on the show according to most of the fandom.


    Something you immediately notice from the st…

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  • MedionPhoenixDB94

    I had planned to make a wiki out of this idea. However, some people on the Discord (I think?) suggested blogging it. Here goes. Also, do not go negative over how Gumball and Penny do adult stuff. I specifically said it was a future.

    When Gumball and Penny get married, Penny discovers she is pregnant. Some OCs I had invented try to help the pregnant Penny by doing stuff to help a normal preganant woman. 4 months later, an ultrasound had detected quadruplets. 5 months after the ultrasound, the quadruplets are welcomed to the world.

    They were named Gumball Jr (after Gumball), Nelson, Lana and Haley (after one of the OCs that I invented).

    Leave your ideas below and I might edit this. Toodles!

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  • Nacho1804

    Hello, everyone! Happy (belated) Easter or Passover or... April Fools' Day or something. Happy April. I don't know.

    True to form, I've procrastinated for several weeks during which I could have been writing this. So this entry into my Expectations Analysis comes one day before the next episode airs. I have no ideas and want to get this done, so let's just go to the first episode.

    Synopsis: Gumball and Principal Brown make a pact to tell each other's girlfriends about problems they have.

    Expectations: Average

    If I were a casual viewer scrolling through the wiki and saw this synopsis, I'd think it was the most bland of the four episodes airing this month. But I've been following Gumball for long enough to know there is no such thing as a 'bland' …

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