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  • RockytheEco-pup

    Leaving this Wiki

    February 1, 2015 by RockytheEco-pup

    Hi this blog is to inform everyone I'm leaving this wiki. I feel very unwelcome. I was trying to say hi to my friend on here because i didnt know he was a member of it and a rollback left a rude comment on it saying I shouldn't say hi to him. What's the point of being here if I cant do something as simple as saying hi. This place is the stricted wiki ive ever seen. I love the show still but id rather forget my experience on this wiki.

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  • Jen Serifie (The Random Maker)


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  • Gumball&Penny

    The New Book is close

    February 10, 2015 by Gumball&Penny

    this new book is very close and not far to the stores of U.K and U.S.A, on the 24th of February 2015 (It's finally released)

    I'll will find out how young Gumball Watterson first met young Penny Fitzgerald

    (I can't wait to get and read this book until it's released)

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  • WaterDemonBaku

    Ello everyone, this is Water/Baku wit a small post. (At least, I hope it'll be small.)

    As of February 14, I am taking a temporally leave of Wikia. At this moment in time, I cannot explain my reasons of departure. There is something I must point out about this though, and that is that my leave is not because someone here said or did anything to me. I have been asked about this elsewhere, so there it is.

    I think something most might want to know is how long will I be gone for?

    Hm, it depends. The minimum amount of time is a week. The most, guaranteed, is until March 1st. There is a chance I could come back between these dates, but my estimate is in March.

    So, I will be unable to get in touch with for almost half a month?

    Well, not exactly. Tumblr a…

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  • Colby James

    Look I feel upset at the moment, why do you guys hate me, what have I done wrong, is it because you hate me for other things I did in the past, Look I cannot help my life, I had a unlucky year last year, and I lost CPIT because of an Incompetent Tutor named Debby who wouldn't make me go full time, I almost threatened her with a chair and I kicked a table and refused to pick it up, I still have nightmares because of this, and on November 16th last year I lost my Rowley Ave course because of a mean old lady found out I was looking at youtube poops like WTLnetwork and others, that said sexual stuff like sick words you are not supposed to go into, I was banned from going, I said, that 'I think maybe she's right maybe I shouldn't go back, becau…

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  • Dihaha

    This blog is continuity of my first blog.Now focus to da topic.

    • The Party

    Why you choose Tina Rex?

    • The Knights

    Gumball Watterson vs. Tobias Wilson!

    • The Dream

    Darwin,how dare you kiss Penny!!!!!

    • The Plan

    Daniel Lennard.

    • The World

    Object truly living.

    • The Kids

    Gumball still 12!

    • The Void

    Mystery of Elmore revealed.

    • The Shell

    Penny is a shape-shifting fairy!!

    • The Oracle

    Banana Barbara is ORACLE!

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  • Josef27

    The Void in The Kids

    February 1, 2015 by Josef27

    Do you think it was made by accident or they already planned something about it? Or else? (Joke, etc)

    Why I felt this season is a little bit.. creepy?

    Anyway, what on your thoughs?

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  • PikachuDylan

    I'm done.

    March 1, 2015 by PikachuDylan

    I'm done with this wikia for a long period time becuase,  recently I've been a jerk to a few users witch I'm not saying names but, I'm sure you know who they are by now. Don't bother asking me to come back, I'll come back when I get comfortable enough to join again witch may even be never.

    I'll still talk to my friends on Skype if you want to still talk to me but, I just can't take it anymore. I'm clearly not welcome on this wikia at the moment. 

    One last thing I'm sorry to the user I offended. Now that that's outta the way see you sometime in the future hopefully. 

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  • Ocho bit


    February 22, 2015 by Ocho bit

    This is my new blog! :D

    My name is Ocho, who are you?

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  • Alpha Ranger

     You were not expecting to see me again were you. You probably do not even know who I am. .. *foreveralone* just kidding.

    Anyway, these are my opinions blah blah blah don't rage in the comments and I am a fan of the show!

    Also, I will make this on season 2 and 3 (when it's over).

    I wanted to do my top 10 best and worst episodes and say why they are good and bad.

    Let's start with the bad ones.

    10. The Helmet

    Yeah, I put this here :I. But this episode just ugh, what, wtf, WHUT, they are like addicted to some helmet and I did not find this episode too funny but it had a couple good lines. Darwin thank you! I know a lot of people life this episode but I never liked it.

    9. The Prank

    This was the first episode of the show I came across and I saw Richard r…

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