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  • 202nd Skywalker

    He shows up in the subsequent episodes.

    The Blame, The Fury, The Compilation--he's there.

    Please stop worrying. Darwin is for sure staying.

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  • SaiyaSasuskia it is. Season fives guesses from yours truly. It in definitely not 100% accurate, so cool your jets, people!

    Untitled Crossover Special:

    It might be Powerpuff Girls, or maybe even Teen Titans Go. But I hope it's not Uncle Grandpa (that show STINKS!) But I bet the premise would be that Rob is at it again and Gumball, along with the other crossover characters, stop him.

    The Stories:

    Maybe that the Wattersons read bedtime stories, or tell funny stories...? idk.

    The Choices:

    I have two ideas.

    1.Maybe its like The Promise, but with Gumball. Or Anias.

    2. Rob gives the guess two choices life or death. Idk here.

    The Test:

    At school, Darwin must pass a test or it's summer school for him. Or it could be Gumball. Or Richard has to pass a driving te…

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  • Prawn person

    Anais the matchmaker

    August 12, 2016 by Prawn person

    So, in a blog about the scam shark an Briton,a really cool guy, said that they would like to see my idea of Anais the matchmaker and death- stare Nicole in an episode so I decided to blog about some things I think would be cool to see in the Wattersons' adventures.

    Anais Being a friend to the other students. She would always know what was going on and the other students would trust her with secret keeping, unlike blabber- mouth Gumball.

    Gumball acting more like an overprotecting brother than a really lazy one. He doesnt have to stop Darwin from doing fun stuff, but I always find it funny when he goes all " you can't touch my baby!" Around Darwin.

    Penny hanging out with Carrie and acting like Gumball and Darwin ( Penny as Gumball and Carrie as…

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  • Csillagfény

    Welp it's approaching that time of the year for me unfortunately. What else would I be referring to other than my junior year of highschool huh? As much as I absolutely adored spending my summer with you guys, I'm going to have to shift quite a bit of my time and focus away from the wikia and onto my studies, especially given this is THE MOST IMPORTANT school year. Despite that I will continue to give my best efforts for the wikia to maintain a consistent standard of activity that can still remain satisfactory. 

    Summary of the activity changes that will be made.

    Times I will be on the chat:

    Sundays/Mondays: 11:00 A.M/12:00 PM to 2:00 A.M ----> 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM, potential stretch to 12:00 AM if we're in desperate need of a moderator.


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  • Csillagfény

    In the chat we tend to strive for a peaceful place where users can talk about whatever their hearts desire. While this is the ideal vision for the chat, unfortunately not everyone can be friends with everyone, and every now and then a fight or an argument breaks out. This can create a tense or hostile atmosphere for the others that may be on the chat, and some of the other users can act in a way to further detriment the positive atmosphere one would strive for in a chat. What I've outlined here in this blog are some tips that you can and should do as a user to help to quell the negative atmoshpere that some of these arguments can create, should they happen in the future.

    Don't get involved. This is especially true if the argument is one of …

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  • Gameuser10

    Keep In Mind

    August 9, 2016 by Gameuser10

    This doesn't mean anything... just something I wanted to write down

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  • Csillagfény

    We've had quite a history of troll attacks, where a person just posts some offensive content (typically a NSFW picture), gets banned, and then makes another account and just does this again and again. This has happened in the past, it's happened again recently, and it's almost certainly going to happen in the future. However in examining the attack that happened recently, I noticed a lot of general behaviors that I feel should be addressed in the potential case of future attacks. I've outlined some principlies regular users should apply in the case of a troll attack.

    Don't feed the trolls. When a troll does something they do it for the sole purpose of making a joke, at the expense of others. When a user reacts or panics when we get invaded …

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  • Kidthatcandostuff

    Gumball Is Good

    August 21, 2016 by Kidthatcandostuff

    Since season 2. I'ts a really good show IMO. yo sup

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  • Sonicthehedgehog223

    The scam song

    August 20, 2016 by Sonicthehedgehog223

    Do you think that this would've been a good song for the scam?

    The school has been haunted by a ghost.
    Power goes out every five seconds.
    Don't know who, but we're gonna figure out.
    Even though its embarssing.....
    We're gonna make the most of it!

    (spoken):Tobias, what are you doing here?

    (spoken):More like, what are we all doing here!

    (spoken): What? How?

    Its a haunted school! A Haunted school!
    Even if makes little to no sence....
    We have to make the most it!

    (Spoken) Help! I'm being possessed!

    I'm near!

    Its a haunted school! Haunted school!

    A scam here in this school!
    Even though i am right here!

    Song ends

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  • Fenton127


    August 16, 2016 by Fenton127

    Just testing.

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