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  • ThatGuy456

    Week 2 of this lovely event to rush through these episodes spoil Gumball fans rotten has brought about some very interesting episodes. With 4 down, 12 more to go, this post will tackle the 4 episodes for this week. As always with my posts, this one will include analysis, photos, and my terrible attempt to be funny (my captions).

    For those curious, here's a link to my thoughts on the previous batch of episodes for this event.

    Spoiler warning:

    "The Vase" was a relatively simple episode. The premise was that the Watterson children had to destroy a voice gifted upon their family by their grandmother. Although the very simplistic plot may turn some people away, I feel as if the episode uses its simplicity as one of its strengths making for an enjoyabl…

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  • Kaijusaurus-Rex

    There's quite a few things I'd like to see happen in the show during it's waning years. I'll list them here and see what y'all think of 'em.

    • Using certain CGI people (simplistic ones like Clayton and William) more often
    • Tina appearing more frequently, even if it means a downgrade
    • EJH students and staff appearing outside of school
    • Where Rob lives
    • S1 to S2 transition explained in-universe
    • Relationship between 2D characters and the CGI/Live Action/Puppet/Claymation people
    • Reason why Elmore doesn't have humans in it
    • What the world outside town looks like
    • The return of Chi Chi and his family
    • GWORP
    • The bridge being finished
    • Objects coming to life at random again. The intial synopsis for the series DID mention everything had the potential to come to life and…

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  • ThatGuy456
    Come meet Richard, our rabbit pink dad!
    Mom and sister are really really rad!
    and : Come and meet our family! New Amazing World of Gumball all through February.

    (This was a real commercial)

    Cartoon Network, why do you love to butcher Nobody's A Nobody so much? Please, stop.

    Week 3 of the event that brought such a train wreck of an advertisement. Once again, this post is complete with my analysis and terribly unfunny captions.

    For thoughts on the previous weeks of Gumnuke:

    Week 1 and Week 2

    Spoilers, for the analysis

    "The Ollie" is Gumball's take on the skateboarding culture, and although this may seem like a mundane idea to work with, it surprisingly made for a very good episode with some good gags and a satisfying climax and ending.

    The episode follows …

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  • ThatGuy456

    Cartoon Network of America. Classic, classic, Cartoon Network of America: just when someone thinks for a second that Cartoon Network is going to try to make Gumball last, they try to burn out all the episodes in a conspiracy to end the show faster the company treats the fans to month's worth of amazing new Gumball episodes. With 16 episodes coming up, I've decided to take it upon myself to share my thoughts on each episode part of this event (we'll see how committed I am to that, though).

    For those unaware, this post and any future posts relating to this event will be structured similarly to my posts on my favorite Season 4 episodes and my favorite Season 3 episodes. This means my wrong opinions, screenshots, and my interesting captions are all i…

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  • Mattalamode

    Hello! I'm Mattalamode, and I'm a new user! I've been working on my own personal blog for quite a while, giving decently comprehensive reviews, and it's been received pretty well, so I decided I'd get more involved with the community. And what better way to do that than to claim that other people's opinions are wrong? (Excluding, of course, the much less abrasive and much more efficient ways, but that's besides the point.)

    The whole idea stemmed from one episode which has (almost unanimously) been proclaimed the worst episode in the show's history: "The Promise." I was initially just going to put a bit of a rant out there, but since there are a lot of other episodes I appreciate that others don't, I thought it would work better as an entry …

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  • Mattalamode

    When I first devised the list of episodes that I would cover, I devised a few free spaces for user demands. So, in debt to ThatGuy456, here's "The Dream."

    But first, the roadblock: my main issue is the fact that I had such a limited idea of why people don't like the episode, so I'm sure you'll enlighten me in the comments a bit more. Don't think I didn't make the effort to find out, though. I dug through the Wiki page, mind you, so thanks for your captivating commentary of "This episode sucks, also The Slap sucks." Heck, some poor guy asked what people liked about the episode and was met with a singular response:

    "I personally hated it, so when it ends."

    Thanks, guys. You're really making my job a lot easier. Like, some specificity would be nic…

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  • Jamesgrout

    Since I was introduced to this show, I've been a big fan, yet I've always hated quite a few episodes, I considered it the best cartoon with the most bad episodes, so I thought it was about time to share my opinion in this. I've always found each season to have pretty much an equal amount of good to bad episodes, so this is why I am delivering my opinion in format of top 5 worst and best for each season, starting of course with season 1. Season 1 introduced the characters, setting and creativity well but has some particularly bad ones, I'm sorry if I'm ever controversial but I really want to get my feelings for these out, and here they are:

    1. 5 Worst: The Date- Gumball and Penny's feelings for each other was always my favourite part of the sho…
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  • FrankSMLG
    It's not as weird as powdered goat milk. Who needs that?
    A lactose intolerant astronaut.
    Chi-Chi: This goat is attention of the centre. He is nervous, don't you trust him? A heavy party-love hero with powerful personality defectives.
    Ribbit: This frog is a frog, but why? He's so green you wouldn't trust him with lunch. What's that? Yes, he is determined.
    Apparently, I am a tired lazy belly male lurking inside sofa. Watch him obnoxious. Laugh and spoil yourself.
    Look at mine! Wowee! What a mother! Who cares if she's annoying? You?
    What's my doppelganger?
    Deleted. Woman no right to celebrate in republic of people.

    [Gumball clicks Chi-Chi's version of a scene from The DVD.]

    The kids you decided to have.

    [Chi-Chi's mom breaks the door.]

    Right. We should…
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  • Mattalamode

    I'm back. In case you don't know what this is, you can see the last one here for a bit of context. 

    "The Extras" is a particularly interesting episode to tackle as it doesn't have the traditional, continuous plot of most episodes, instead subscribing to the school of "The Tape" and being done entirely through a series of vignettes. The two episodes differ, however, in this one's efforts to create new scenarios from new characters instead of elaborate on defined nuances. (We'll talk a bit more about that later.) As such, I'm going to tackle each vignette one by one and see what works and what doesn't. Then, I'll be able to be more reflective of the episode's overall quality. That being said, this post is going to be LOOOOONG.

    Right out the gat…

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  • Coolguyjeff1

    Best episodes

    February 23, 2017 by Coolguyjeff1

    Hey! ! Here's the best episodes of TAWOG!

    • It is the first episode of TAWOG and it is really cool.
    • I especially like the part when gumball made a ripoff of alligators on a train.
    • And it shows how gumballs mother is a BOSS!

    • This episode shows how "responsible" gumball is and has a really good introduction on Anais.
    • My favorite part is the pre-chewed food for Anais.

    • My favorite part is when Darwin made a suit for Gumball!
    • This episode focuses mostly on Tina.

    Sorry if this is too short, I will constantly edit it.

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