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    Hi guys!

    Ok so yeah this`s my “worst TAWOG episodes” list which I think that those were really not good. And again, you see, in some of these eps maybe ONLY I think that the episode`s bad and some of you don`t. but I really don`t wanna fight with people! your opinions are respectful for me and this`s just my opinion so please don`t get angry! Please? :3

    1# The robot : I FREAKING HATE this episode! It destroyed the characters` personality,  it made the watchers feel like complete idiots, it doesn`t made any sence, It was disgusting, it was dramatic in a stupid way, it absolutely made fun of the whole show, it made me HATE the wattersons (for the goddess sake, how IDIOT and CRUEL and Fatuous can they be to not knowing their own SON??? Really Nico…

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    *sigh* OK people!

    After half an hour screaming and throwing stuff after writing “the worst episodes” now I wanna talk about my favorite eps and make myself feel a little bit better. :3

    And I`m telling you again, I really don`t know if you like these episodes as much as I do but still, they`re awesome in my opinion! :D

    1# a tie between “the Shell” and “the dress”

    “The shell”: I KNEW IT! PENNY WASN`T A DEER! I TOLD THEM SO! I SOOOOOO TOLD THEM SO! aw man how many months did I wait for the moment that penny`s shell cracks! I`m REALLY not into romance and stuff (I barf every time I watch a romantic comedy or two people kissing each other) but this episode was EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!

    “The dress”: I think this ep had many haters but me and my frien…

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    "The Password" Review (1)

    September 28, 2014 by CoreyCakeMan

    Here we go another episode so the episode starts off with Gumball, Darwin, and Anais WAIT CUT! Also, 1 star is a funny joke or a good moment I will add 1 or more depending on it. 1 deducted star if it was just bad or disgusting. Back to the show! So after they woke up they all raced to the computer and Darwing put pencils on the seat and Gumball sat on them. Just wow nice job Darwin 1 POINT. Then, they lock Anais out and try to figure out the new password. They say dad changed it and he not being smart they used Password and failed and then said "Hey, its dad let's just use are heads!" And smash their heads on the keyboard.  2 POINTS. 

    They get a clue that says favorite child and Gumball is a jerk so... he entered himself and it failed. 1 POINT…

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    my report card

    October 13, 2014 by Ahookoochooloo

    ok people this is my report card for TAWOG so..... what do you think? (and of course, it`s about the whole 3 seasons)

    I wanna hear what mark will YOU put for each part

    (no flames please) :3

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    • The season 3 is awesome

    what do you think about the season so far

    For the admins please warn me if this is offensive so i could delete it quickly (its not said in the rules that the opinion about the season is restricted and opinion is different from idea) and never do it again

    for me it is awesome because of some humor of the show is greatly expressive and funny so here are the things that i think is funny, feel free to comment and write down your opinions ^^

    • Season 3

    the humor in some points are good

    the thing that all viewers... well "most" viewers are waiting for is for gumball and penny to finally kiss and be together in the season, i greatly agree that it is nice to see them together and kiss.

    the other thing that i loved here is that the t…

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    (decided to make this a blog post because I seem to be the only one who posts on the "News and Announcements" topic frequently and it's embarassing)

    I made a blog about this ages ago, but this time I mean it.

    I've been prioritzing moderating chat over sleeping and arriving to school early.

    Since timezones are different here, it seems like chat's always at top performance during the late hours in my region and so I have a bad habit of sticking around.

    But I can't do that any more. I must sleep at the right time.

    This is a very difficult decision to make for me, because I've started ignoring chat when there aren't many users in and as a result, you'll probably rarely see me there. Or see me at an hour at best. (You could also catch me on a weeken…

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    Witty text not found! Press any key to continue...

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    October 11, 2014 by Gumballisawesome09871

    What do you think will happen with Gumball and Penny in the future episode The Bros?

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    October 17, 2014 by Superultracookie7777

    Hi guys, I'm superultracookie7777 a.k.a. Sam, and I hope you give me a humble welcome to the Amazing World of Gumball Wiki! Since joining, I've made 6 edits (including this) to this wiki and they've been pretty okay edits.

    More soon!

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    My Fan Drawing

    October 30, 2014 by Gumballdarwin1223

    So guys what do you think of this drawing?

                 Pls tell me what you think and also pls no bad reviews.:) :) :) :)

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