• Xmaster555

    Since TAWOG crew announced the writers has begun doing the movie script, what are some of your thought and minds that could make this movie amazing and fun (for the family)?

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  • Caffanisback

    I found a youtuber upload a video recently where Darwin does the potty dance and gumball laughs at Darwin because he has poop stuck to him. the subtitles call the poop "Peanut Butter" for some reason. the commercial is in Spanish and is very werid. this commercial was made around 2012 and the series' first season. the video has the 2004 cartoon network logo, and it says that in January 2012 that the logo changed to the 2010 logo. this commercial might be aired in 2012 or 2011? comment your ideas about the commercial

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  • ThatGuy456

    Okay, so I intended to publish this nearly two months ago. Funny thing is that most of this was written and it was simply in need of some light revision. However, life was especially hectic at that point and I kept putting it off until we came to this point.

    With that said, this Sussie's time to shine. Hopefully, my mediocre writing can do this great character some justice.

    First, a comparison: I like to think of Sussie as a lot like Forrest Gump. She is unassuming, she is naive, and she does not necessarily grasp the world like anybody else, but at the end of the day, she can win one's heart in her own special way.

    Several shows have a character that falls into that sort of category. Sussie is, at quick glance, precisely that: she is wacky, l…

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  • Tobias35

    So after a Q&A with Mic Graves, he confirmed that a script for a Gumball movie is in the works. And if it is only at that phase then I would think we will not hear anything offcial about the movie until at least mid 2020 or 2021 even, way after the show itself has ended. But that's not the point. If you can recall on social media a while ago, Lil Yachty made a statement a bit after working on the music video for Teen Titans Go! to the movies saying he wanted to be on The Amazing World of Gumball and had some instagram users spam CN's posts with "Lil Yachty on Gumball." It might be too late for him to get on the show but maybe, just maybe, the movie might be his chance! Do you think if the Gumball movie script is made and the network is rea…

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  • Nax Yimyam

    Welcome to the blog post of Times Gumball roasted things

    for use of entertainment and trivia activity

    have a very safe day.

    a'ight, without further ado, allow me to write this blog post. this blog post was made to list a number of things that gumball had roasted. Bear in mind that the list is ordered randomly (not ranging from worst to best, least controversial to most controversial, and so on)

    • Its (furry) fan arts in The Catfish
      • I'm not sure if this counts. Seeing gumball looked so, traumatized of several (furry) fan arts of him as he wanted to change his name online. you can see them on this clip: on duration 0:25, or 0:26. Now for the question, what do you think when your art was parodied (or perha…

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  • Tobias35

    With the show probably having confirmation that season 6 is the last season after a Q&A with Mic Graves, I guess that means our wacky and imaginative adventures with Gumball, Darwin, and the rest of Elmore are coming to an end. Like many of you, I'm sure, I had some ideas and have been hoping for this show to have them on our TV screens. But I do not run the show obviously. I wanted to see the rest of Penny's family out of their shells. We got so close in the one of the most recent episodes but the writers sadly did not feel the same way about them. But hey, fans can dream right? So, what were your episode ideas and synopsises that you would've been really happy to have seen on the show?

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  • JPerrin

    Here's what I think of new voice actors, so like my ideas:

    Grey Delisle as Gumball/Masami

    Colleen Villard as Darwin/Carmen

    Ellie Goulding as Anais/Penny

    Tara Strong as Carrie/Alan

    Jason Griffith as Banana Joe/Tobias

    They're gonna be for Season 7.

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  • JPerrin

    The Flower/Alternate Ending

    October 13, 2018 by JPerrin
    ​: Wait, did you just say he was your cousin?
    Well duh, everybody knows.
    ​: Well duh, I didn't.
    ​​: There's a lot of things you don't know about me, Gumball.
    [The slow motion effect ends and Jealousy implodes, pulling everyone into the center of the room. Everyone is lying down on the ground, panting]
    ​: I wish you said that earlier.
    ​​: Yeah, so do I.
    ​: Sorry man, I just didn't know.
    ​: ​[Stands up and dusts herself off]​ Well, I think that was a good lesson for you. Jealousy is a pretty ugly thing, Gumball!
    ​: Yep! ​[Stands up and straightens his back, making a snapping sound]​ I get it!
    Haha, that's okay. ​[Punches Gumball on the arm]​ You made it, man!
    [Possessing Penny]​ Get your hands off him, you undead, ectoplasmic, transparent, …
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  • Tobias35

    Princess Penny

    October 5, 2018 by Tobias35

    I was thinking that since the show is now likely in its final season and I do not have any expectations of the writers having any plans for this, I thought to myself, if they aren't going to make a design of Penny wearing a dress then I'll put matters into my own hands. So here it is, Princess Penny wearing a Ball Gown. Just try to make a fanart of penny wearing this dress.

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  • Botuczy

    Mobile game idea

    October 26, 2018 by Botuczy

    Mobile game idea. It'd be a platform game.

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