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  • Gumball&Penny

    Favorite Character: Penny Fitzgerald (She's the best and awesome)

    Sceond Favorite: Gumball Watterson (He's funny)

    Third Favorite: Nicole Watterson (She's cool)

    Tell me your?

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  • Colby James

    Look I feel upset at the moment, why do you guys hate me, what have I done wrong, is it because you hate me for other things I did in the past, Look I cannot help my life, I had a unlucky year last year, and I lost CPIT because of an Incompetent Tutor named Debby who wouldn't make me go full time, I almost threatened her with a chair and I kicked a table and refused to pick it up, I still have nightmares because of this, and on November 16th last year I lost my Rowley Ave course because of a mean old lady found out I was looking at youtube poops like WTLnetwork and others, that said sexual stuff like sick words you are not supposed to go into, I was banned from going, I said, that 'I think maybe she's right maybe I shouldn't go back, becau…

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  • Bunkers8399

    Sorry, but...

    January 15, 2015 by Bunkers8399

    Looks like I'll be inactive for the next month or two. My science grade is failing, and some of my other grades are also close to that. My parents are livid, and they may be taking my laptop away. Don't expect to see me on the Wiki for the next month or two, if I can get my grades back up, then I'll return. I can still use my tablet, however since I use it for school mainly I don't want to use the Wiki on it. I am sorry if you are trying to contact me but cannot. See you in mid to late February, or even March.

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  • RockytheEco-pup

    Love this show!

    January 25, 2015 by RockytheEco-pup

    Hi just wanted to say hi to everyone on this wiki. Im new sorta (was an anon for like a year b4 joining with this profile in November) I love this show and I love this wiki!

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  • Dihaha

    For my first blog,I want to tell you my favourite characters and the reason:

    Banana Joe:He is funny and he is a banana...

    Gumball:Of course I like him!


    Tobias Wilson:Colourful.

    Nicole:Skilled on martial arts.

    Neck Beard:I don't know why...

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  • Approximate

    Love Leeds

    January 23, 2015 by Approximate

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  • 5am70v35num83r5

    Look at this

    January 12, 2015 by 5am70v35num83r5

    I have made my own Chrome theme! P.S. this was created on my alternate account.

    If you like it, say so in the comment section down below!

    5am70v35num83r5 signing off until next time.

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  • Doraemon the Cattail Lover

    I look like Harry Potter! My family and friends say so. They also said if i wear circle glasses (i wear ordiniary glasses), i'll be 99.9% similiar to him!

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  • Alpha Ranger

     You were not expecting to see me again were you. You probably do not even know who I am. .. *foreveralone* just kidding.

    Anyway, these are my opinions blah blah blah don't rage in the comments and I am a fan of the show!

    Also, I will make this on season 2 and 3 (when it's over).

    I wanted to do my top 10 best and worst episodes and say why they are good and bad.

    Let's start with the bad ones.

    10. The Helmet

    Yeah, I put this here :I. But this episode just ugh, what, wtf, WHUT, they are like addicted to some helmet and I did not find this episode too funny but it had a couple good lines. Darwin thank you! I know a lot of people life this episode but I never liked it.

    9. The Prank

    This was the first episode of the show I came across and I saw Richard r…

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  • 5am70v35num83r5

    If anyone wonders what I look like, here it is.

    Yeah... that's me.

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