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  • LegoKirby12


    September 9, 2015 by LegoKirby12

    Well, it seems that I am about to be in college soon. So I'm pretty much already in pre-college, dealing with homework. So if any of you are reading this, I would like some support for me while I'm away in college. But that doesn't mean that I'm leaving, I'll still be in the wiki at free times, like weekends or until I finish the homeworks.

    Any way, best of luck, guys!

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  • 2023TolEshH

    what if the the two villians teamed up

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  • Golden knight 22
    • (The kids) (The voices)
    • (The fan) (The crazy)
    • (The coach) (The standup)
    • (The joy) (The Escape)
    • (The puppy) (The danger)
    • (The recipe) (The toaster)
    • (The Name) (The mind)
    • (The extras) (The backgrounds)
    • (The gripes) (The cases)
    • (The vacation) (The horror)
    • (The fraud) (The deceit)
    • (The void) (The blank)
    • (The boss) (The bond)
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  • MoshIsTheMan

    Hello. MoshIsTheMan here.

    I've noticed that some episode transcripts, "The Sale", for example, the proper templates aren't used.

    How it should look:

      We have to copy Alligators on a Train.

    How it looks on some transcripts instead:

    Gumball: (example text) We have to copy Alligators on a Train.

    I've even seen mispelled text on some transcripts.

    Please help fix this.

    ~Editing on Wikis since 2012, MoshIsTheMan (talk) 14:59, September 19, 2015 (UTC)

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  • DistortedFlamingTurtle

    Oh god...

    September 2, 2015 by DistortedFlamingTurtle

    My chest hurts.

    My heart is beating faster.

    If anything happens to me I'll let you guys know.

    See you,


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  • Abertbrt

    the triangle

    September 30, 2015 by Abertbrt

    i love your episode you guys, but why is darwin raglan caspian ahab poseidon nicodemius watterson the third is so jealous at gumball tristopher watterson

    because darwin didin't what he said to your sorry

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  • Picklehazard1

    The Worst Episodes.

    September 5, 2015 by Picklehazard1

    10: The Party. Not Funny, I hate Romance And Yeah.

    9: The Nemesis. I Thought this Would Be Super Hardcore But It Turned Out To Be Really Boring And Too Realistic. Rob Is A Jerk, Also.

    8: The Bros. This Episode Was Bad, And Told Me That CN Is Still Going To Be Filling Up The Show With Gumball/penny Episodes.

    7: The Fan. Bad. Gumball And Darwin Fighting Over Someone They Don't Even Like? Gimme A Break. I Hated This One.

    6: The Gi. Boring, I Don't Even Picture It As An 11 Minute Episode, I Think It's Just People Laughing.

    5: The Watch: Boring, And Slow.

    4: the Hero: Sad, And Gumball and Darwin Were Being Jerks. Plus, I'm Not A Richard Hater.

    3: The Fill-in. I Don't Know What To Put Here.

    2: The Shell. You Will Probably Hate Me, But This Episode Was W…

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  • Redfox90210
    • The Bros
    • Christmas
    • The Lie
    • The Shell
    • The Mirror
    • The Man
    • The Mothers
    • The Money
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  • Klonoamiyumi

    College Schedules

    September 19, 2015 by Klonoamiyumi

    I think this announcement will fare better as a blog post, because it won't be a nightmare to track down if I ever need it for reference.

    So I started College 2 weeks ago, but I also had to switch courses recently, so if I already told a few of you snippets of my schedule, then it's wrong. 

    It used to be Mondays till Fridays, with a morning break on Wednesday, but it all changed earlier on this week when said course was deemed too difficult for me.

    The new schedule is this:

    I'll be at College Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I get Friday off and I get Monday off, so don't be surprised if you see me on a Monday from now on. I get home at about 5 PM my time, and usually on the weekends I don't feel the need to join the chat constantly or anyth…

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  • Redfox90210

    "Make the Most Of It" - The Kids

    "Life Can Make You Smile" - The Downer

    "Never Gonna Let You Go" - The Sale

    "No More Gi" - The Gi

    "Refund the World" - The Refund

    "What He Thinks About Us!" - The Words

    "Imaginate" - The Money

    "Just You And Me" - The Egg

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