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  • Coolguyjeff1

    Season 3-5 sucks

    December 28, 2016 by Coolguyjeff1

    I just don't know why CN wanted all of the shows to be terrible.


    1. Gumball is the main reason I stopped watching this show. He used to be a nice, likable goofball but now he's a snarky little brat who never learns from his actions! All he does is insult people, causes unnecessary chaos, makes poor decisions, and acts like an overall dumbass! I know he's just a kid, but even a twelve-year-old in real life can't be THAT dumb! I tried to like this show, I really did. The first season had some flaws but it was actually good. Come the second season, however, I started to notice a change in Gumball's attitude and I became very critical of the show because of that. He started to redeem himself a little in the third se…

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  • Coolguyjeff1

    I liked the old background, it's like it represents the development the TAWoG and when it was good but now, its just showing how TAWoG sucks now.

    Just read this:

    1. Gumball is the BIG FAT JERK
    3. Gumball always says the word butt
    4. They always make these ugly faces..
    5. It has plots that don't even make sense
    6. Seasons 3-5 of the animated television series The Amazing World of Gumball, produced by Cartoon Network animation studios, lack quality, and the requirements for a good show.
    7. Crap animation  

    Do you get it now?

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  • Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory

    Back in May of 2011, the show we all love began airing it's first episodes. But season 1 has been known for the worst episode of the series. And I agree on that. From thing ranging from bad animation to weak humor, I'll give you my 2 cents on why season 1 wasn't the best.

    I can recall very few good episodes from season 1. The DVD is one of them, also being the series' first episode. But I'll give you some of the bad episodes for reference.

    This has to be the dumbest episode the series had to offer. Not only being the dumbest season 1 episode. I guess the only good part is when Gumball and Anais made up at the end of the episode and hugged.

    This episode exemplifies how much of a jerk Richard was in season 1. The worst part was when Gumball and D…

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  • ThatGuy456

    More Wrong Opinions

    December 27, 2016 by ThatGuy456

    For those who read my previous blog post, you will know last month I provided wrong opinions about the best Season 4 episodes. Well, once again, I have taken some time to prepare this post to articulate on my favorite Season 3 episodes. If you haven't read my other blog post, I recommend reading this whenever you can. I also worked on it. Anyways, please do read (I spent 7 hours on this). It should also be noted that most of these aren't in a specific order because I'm indecisive.

    Like my previous blog post (are you noticing a pattern yet?), this section is dedicated to episodes I still loved and found memorable, but I lost the willpower to write full-length sections ("The Recipe" and "The Oracle" would have made it had I not been so lazy). …

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  • XSugarCandyGalaxy

    Spamming myself

    December 31, 2016 by XSugarCandyGalaxy

    Does anyone want me to help them or assist them with anything? I would love to help

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  • AnonBaiter

    Seems like somebody by the name of IGotARocketVinnyQ is all over the place spamming on chat. And nothing is done about it.

    I've made six screenshots about it(which you can download it here because I'm not in the mood of posting pictures at this point), and this spamming of his is still ongoing. Perhaps it's because he doesn't wants us to have a good time and instead prefers to become a pest to everybody else.

    Sooner or later, he's going to return. This is a message to all mods/admins out there, an opportunity to use the power you have given to your advantage. Inactivity, be it due to real life issues or something I don't know about, is not an excuse for this current situation.

    Maybe next time we need to take on some creative measures when taking…

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  • Gameuser10

    With a new year comes.... a new desktop, perhaps?

    Post your computer desktop down below!

    Mine is still this awesome space shot of the Dreamcatcher.

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  • Gobbol943


    I'll try to be more active from now on.

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  • XSugarCandyGalaxy


    December 31, 2016 by XSugarCandyGalaxy

    I am bored. Is anyone a fan of Danganronpa?

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  • Shimmerandshinefananddoratheexplorerfan

    gumball in an underrated show you are cool

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