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  • Mattalamode

    For the first half of this article from last week (and some fun context), CLICK HERE.

    First of all, I would like to say that this was definitely one of the most difficult articles I've ever written. The big issue is that I unwisely chose to carry over all of the hefty arguments to this week, meaning there's a lot more to try to take down. As fun as it is to try to debate with an argument containing true backbone, at the same time, it's a lot more difficult, and specificity leaves little room to address anything outside of the point. That being said, challenges are always appreciated, so let's just get through this.

    "Misleading name aside (the godd-mn fridge/chart is never brought up again outside of the first act), The Fridge goes against wh…

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  • Chrisouladrivas

    i need to get badges for some reason. I feel like i need them to be the best. Please give me ideas in the commments below please!

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  • Jamesgrout

    If you still haven't, please read the versions for seasons 1-3 on my blog page.

    Season 4 of Gumball was very interesting, it seems to be highly popular, and I can definitely see why but it still had some of the shows worst episodes. To me, the season started out pretty weakly but picked up from there and got better gradually, that's on average and with still some of the best episodes of the season near the beginning and some of the worst near the end. It was interesting even if you didn't quite love it as much as me, because it had so much going on, story arcs, episodes with direct continuations, the shows first 1 & a half two parters, I would say season 4 is best summed up as, all time high points, all time low points and just about everyt…

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  • Chrisouladrivas

    I got 6 badges and 60 points! This is such an honor! I am so happy! I thank Globaluna32 for The Gireving because thats how I got obssesed with The Amazing of Gumball! and I thank everyone on the wiki for being so kind to me! For Globaluna32, I made Anais from The Grieving which goes by the name on this website: The Grieving Dead Anais.jpg! I love you all!

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  • Chrisouladrivas


    March 15, 2017 by Chrisouladrivas

    I LOVE IT 1,000,000%

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  • Chrisouladrivas

    The Amazing World of Gumball all started back for me when on YouTube,The Amazing World of Gumball The Grieving from SomeOridnaryGamers was recommended for me. I watched it and I wanted to know more about the lost episode. Sooner or later I start watching episodes from the show and I got obsessed with the show. And that's how I got obsessed. The End

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  • Kacp2

    hey guy. i sorry for started [redacted] with you. but block made me do it. well i sorry for homophobic and transphobic, i did truth on gay..well i did nothing wrong. unblock me please from tumblr...

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  • Sweetlover2345


    March 18, 2017 by Sweetlover2345

    hello guys this is funny

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  • Sylvio851


    First, if you are someone who likes the season 1 and you hate the new seasons, please leave this blog, take yoga lessons, and be the most calm man ever seen in Earth, and MAYBE you can see this topic.

    Now this is done, I'm gonna to give my five best episodes in the series so far and if you see a new incredible episode, watch when I create this topic, and if its create before this incredible episode, you can't say " The - insert a name of something completly random - was absolutely amazing, why you didn't mention it in your list ? " and this blog is completely subjective ! So don't say " Oh my god, how can you place it in the second place ! You are a horrible person, you are the shame of the wiki, I'm gonna to alert the administrators of …

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  • Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory

    This blog is a follow up to Game's blog on transcripts. Since that blog is older, I figured it'll be best to write a new one.

    So to start, we have a special template for transcript writing. All lines of dialogue must have a colon (:) before the dialogue template. Any spoken numbers should also be written out in word form. Links are unnecessary in transcripts, so no need for them. Each event that isn't part of a dialogue (Like the scene changes) must have two colons (::) before the dialogue template. They are used like in the example below.

    Turns to

    Again, this blog is just a follow up to an older one. These are just my preferences on how transcripts should be written out.

    See also: Game's blog for transcripts, Manual of Style

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