• ThatGuy456

    Funny story: this article was supposed to be much more broad, tackling Darwin as whole. However, going in with such a broad topic proved to be a determent. I had no idea in what direction to take the article and the post was not coming together the way I would have liked.

    Luckily, Game came through for me, suggesting that I write about Darwin's moral compass specifically. This gave the post the much needed direction, and thus, here we are. Thanks, Game.

    I must say, this is the first time I have written about a character as opposed to an episode, so the results should be interesting, to say the least.

    Darwin Watterson.

    When Gumball fans hear the name "Darwin Watterson", they often think of a young fish who is forgiving, loyal, passionate, and ju…

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  • Mattalamode

    Oddly enough, after five seasons, if there's one character that the show has still struggled with, it's Anais. Think about it.

    Gumball's the protagonist. Easy. Darwin's the emotive sidekick. Richard is the goofy, lovable comic relief who delivers offhanded jokes when the show calls upon it. And Nicole is, as always, the butt-kicking mother with a lot of care but an ever-shortening fuse. Where does that leave Anais, then?

    Generally speaking, with very little. The show has certainly used her amazingly when the spotlight is directly on her - think "The Friend" or even "The Copycats" - but if she's part of the supporting cast, then she does little at all aside from an eye-roll or ignored objections. She's not fundamentally flawed, but the show i…

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  • MarvinDarwin

    Guess who is finally writing a blog post! Yes, it's me, Mario Marvin!
    I wanted to write this thing a long time ago, but I had no time.
    Since I am the one who's writing this, expect a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes.

    Analysis Crisis is the same thing as Matt's Second Opinion and Guy's A Guy's Opinion series, but there are some differences.
    I'll try to make this as colorful, happy and interesting as possible.

    Time to explain it in more details. Every blog post will have five paragraphs and those are:

    Paragraph Description
    Introduction Stuff Stuff like the thing I'm writing right now.
    Inspiration and Dedication Whoever motivated me to write the blog post will be mentioned.
    I'll also dedicate it to someone.
    The Article Everything I wanted to say about the…

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  • Samuel32003

    Hello and welcome to my first blog. Today I'll be discussing one of my ROBLOX projects, The Amazing World of Gumball RP.

    Link to the game.

    I originally started making this game back on the 24th of February this year, and it is still being updated to this day. The reason why I created this game is, well, because I like this show. The very first creation I did on the map was the Wattersons' house. After that I started making the other houses (like Gary's house and The Robinsons' house.)

    A month later (possibly) in the year, I added morphs (there are currently 36 characters, but I will be adding more in the future) to the game, and also added roads. Speaking of that, I also expanded the terrain out and added Cartax to the game, which was taken from…

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  • Mattalamode

    Fish is bland. Don't get me wrong, I like fish. I genuinely, really like fish. But I think we all have to admit that it's exceptionally bland. That can be important - blandness is a flavor profile in and of itself - but it takes some ingenuity to actually make it exciting. I guess that was a long-winded metaphor for Darwin, right? Y'know, 'cuz he's, like, a fish? Why do I even try anymore...

    But it's a good point: Darwin's boring. He's a necessary boring. I'm not saying he's not an interesting character, but the show constantly restrains him from being anything more than he already is or actually helping define the episodes he's involved in, more often than not. (I'm, uh, getting those Vanillagate chills.) Yes, we get it. Darwin's supposed t…

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  • Mattalamode


    It was bound to happen someday, so I might as well just allow it right now while I have the excuse of all of my finals to rely on. (There's also the fact that I'm working on maneuvering four different articles at the same time - ugh.) I digress: "The Pony!"

    "The Pony" is nothing more than a classic formula done perfectly. It's a routine that everyone's done, cartoon or not - the never-ending task with obstacles failing to comply - but it takes something special to turn such an overused premise into inspired brilliance, and TAWOG's just the kind of show to pull that off.

    It's not even like anything extreme happens either, as in "The Misunderstandings" - it's just a pile-up of the most u…

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  • Mattalamode

    Let's start this off with a little discussion on nudity. This'll draw in the masses, right? No? Nobody cares at all? Wrong website? I try.

    Nudity as a punchline is a consistent problem in so many cartoons and it's at least easy to see why: it's simple, effective, and gets the job done in lieu of any actual thought. The pants go down, the laughs go up. The issue is, of course, that it's insanely difficult to hide how lazy of a punchline nudity is, a problem that Gumball seemed to have a lot of trouble with in its early years.

    I will at least say that the way the show addresses it - with the characters heavily pixelated - is pretty smart, but Christ, did Season 1 take every possible opportunity to make Gumball naked for no good reason, with "T…

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  • Chrisouladrivas

    So I went to MarvinDarwin's profile and I saw this:

    Hello Chrisouladrivas! I'm MarvinDarwin! That's not my real name, but feel free to call me that!Sun_Chat_Icon.png

    You can also call me Marvin, Darwin, Marv, Darw, MD, Marvin The Martian or however you want! Lately I've been told to have an extreme amount of innocence for my age. So if you are trying to tell me some sexual joke, you're probably wasting your time. I am happy to be among the youngest ones on this Wiki. Even though I'm 13, I still consider myself a child and I don't like to be called "a teen" . I live in Croatia and my biggest dream is to become a voice actor for Darwin in Croatia! Wish me luck!

    I have no idea why he said my profile name. MarvinDarwin or anybody, please an… Read more >
  • ThatGuy456

    You guys remember February's Gumbomb, right? During that mess of an event, I tasked myself with reviewing all twenty episodes in a series of blog posts titled "A Guy's Thoughts: "New Amazing World of Gumball in February!". Every week for five weeks, I would review the four episodes that aired during the week.

    Some time has passed since the event, and some opinions have changed. I have since taken another look at the episodes, and decided that my opinions on some of them have changed.

    I'm writing this post as a sort of "looking back" sort of thing. I establish my new thoughts on the episode while simultaneously taking a look at my previous thoughts. Specifically, I'll re-assessing my views on "The Vase", "The Stars", and "The Sorcerer".


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  • Mattalamode

    First of all, since it's been so long since I actually watched a Season 1 episode out of choice (let's face it, me watching "The Picnic" hardly counts as "by choice" so much as "out of a necessity of being addressed"), I'll just give a text recap of my general thoughts.

    This is weird. This is disconcertingly weird. The voices sound... different. My head hurts a little. Darwin has leg hair? Oh, that's just a joke. Heh. Simpler times. Oh, look, Gumball's penchant stupidity again, though he apparently knows about superheated quasars for some reason. I detect a logic hole. Seriously, Matt, this is Season 1 you're thinking about; you just have to just let things happen. And the back of Gumball's head looks really, really terrible.

    Yeah, that's ab…

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