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  • Gameuser10

    Words and Thoughts

    March 23, 2015 by Gameuser10
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  • Ughthebooger

    My 3 bears

    March 8, 2016 by Ughthebooger jpgHello im booger name:mark

    i have 3 bears i'll like you meet

    • berry
    • frank
    • barry

    they are my favorite im going to link the

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  • Spirits of nature

    This is the most accurate data I collected, yet

    Due to the fact that time world of gumball doesn't pass chronologically, most of the characters tend to stay in the same age. the tropes itself broke the 4th wall in the episode "the kids".

    Gumball is 12 year old (as said by penny in "the end and the bros") and as the show begin to air in CN around may 2011 mean he was born between 1998-1999

    Darwin as in "the sidekick" is revealed to be 2 year younger but it appear as a yearbook quote which in not a reliable source for fact, so here is a more accurate analysis

    1. In the flash back at "the choices" during the part where the watterson family lined gumball's growth, there is 6 visible line, based on american family tradition this should tells that the …
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  • BluJayPJ

    You don't see birthdates on some cartoons

    But I'm going to tell you about the Possible birthdates of the Main Characters, I will be focusing on the Wattersons

    OK, Since the pilot was made in 2008 it might be known that in my opinion that

    Gumball might be born in 1996

    Darwin might be born in 1998

    Anais might be born in 2004

    Nicole might be born in 1970

    and Richard might be born in the 1960's

                                            COINCIDENCE DO YOU THINK!!!!, Let me know in the comments below :) ~

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  • Fenton127

    New episodes info

    September 29, 2016 by Fenton127

    So, apparently, on Wikipedia, they released the episode titles of S5 from production order. Now, Wikipedia can be decieving, but these look real. (I could be totally wrong on this. Don't judge.) 

    (After The Vision and The Choices...) 

    ep.7: The Copycats 

    8. TBA (It does not list episode 8) 

    9. The Slide 

    10. The Loophole 

    11. The Crossover, PT.1 

    12. The Crossover, Pt.2 

    13. TBA (The Alice is not real)

    14. The Fuss 

    15. The News 

    16. The Vase

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  • Chibitracy

    Hello again!

    October 1, 2016 by Chibitracy

    If any of you remember me from the old days, yes, that's the one guy you are talking about.

    I binged watch the hell outta of S4 and remaining episodes of S3. Gash, i missed a lot of stuff so much that it tickled my funny bone during the bad times!

    My Gumball blog reached 1,000+ followers last week, so i thank each and everyone of you those who follow it!

    Have a celebretory pic!


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  • Slurpee7Eleven

    We all know Banana Barbara got a good taste of painting, but what happens when what the she painted is YEARS before it even happened? Here is some of the paintings:

    Banana Barbara painted a painting of previous events in Gumball's time. One of them shows Gumball, Darwin and Anais trying to get back Daisy.

    Banana Barbara also painted a painting of Darwin kissing Masami.

    In the episode where it revealed it all, Banana Barbara painted a picture of October 24, the day where Gumball gets 12 seconds of shame (kinda)

    So, in that case, what about the last painting? Could it be the finale painting?

    I personally thought the painting would resemble "The Disaster" and "The ReRun"

    What do you think? I think it's creepy.


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  • Prawn person

    The Vision rant

    October 7, 2016 by Prawn person

    Ok,this was a great episode. It's in my top 3,but I actually really hate Alan now. He tried to hurt Carrie,and what does fish kid do? Swallows a tranquilizer dart and passes out.Smooth move Casinova. All in all it was a brilliant episode and I loved the happiness camp scene because the art style looked wonderful. It was especially well done because the clip was completely silent other than background music until Carrie gave that little scared gasp when she was apprehended for being "Too sad". Dumb Balloon...


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  • Fenton127 

    In this video, Gumball gets a string from the gym bag. Could that bag be Alan's and where they find his memory stick? 

    Just a thought.

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  • Emperor Gumball


    September 23, 2016 by Emperor Gumball

    I have decided to start contributing to the AWOG more. I will start editing way more than I have.

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