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    I have a really bad habit of delaying important laptop related blogs,before it's too late.

    So I'm just gonna leave this as a warning and if nothing happens within 2 weeks I'll pull it.

    But recently, my laptop has been showing strange behaviour.

    Yesterday ,I was listening to a music playlist on Youtube and doing my computing homework at the same time.

    I got a blue screen and part of the music glitched.

    Since my computing homework file contains about 270 pages and  roughly 3,732 words, I dismissed it.

    Yet today, I was playing a game full screen and I got a battery notification. Usually I get 2 battery notifications, 1 for 32% left and another for 7% left.

    On the first notification, I didn't click on it  because I was playing fullscreen,but I recogn…

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    As I have told a few, I am heading to Florida on the 20th.

    Now this isn't just to say "la-la holiday" n'stuff, I may not be active for a week or two. If you want, you can get someone to fill in for me, but it's just a heads up that I may not have internet access for about two weeks.

    13:41, April 12, 2014 (UTC)

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    this is a 1D.Fan16 account with 5 others i want to be blocked here






    Please Block them and Meeee Read more >
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    Mr Pookie
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    Greatness The NightWing

    I have to leave. It's not because of an argument, I just feel uncomfortable on the chat. I hope I'll be seeing one of you people somewhere in this wiki world.

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    Goodbye, wikians

    April 23, 2014 by GumballGuy2361

    Hello, friends

    I want to notify you, sadly this is my last day at Wikia. I joined Wikia the day: August 29, 2013, with the username "GumballGuy2361 (T.G.)". You're an amazing community, with the best friends of the world.

    Before starting, I authorize the merging from the other wiki to this wiki. (Killer365 can create this merge).

    Wikia is amazing, cool, incredible... and best, its people.

    Remember the adventures, misadventures and celebrations :'). Please remove my rollback rights, I hope I have been helpful.

    Although i'm no longer, you can see my profile, and my user gallery.

    Goodbye :)

    Hugs and happy editing!

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    April 14, 2014 by Gameuser10

    When a user who has been granted management rights (rollback to administrator, or even bureaucrats) needs to go inactive for some time, (examples include road trips, broken computers, illnesses) they change their status on the Administration page to "Temporarily inactive". I would describe needing to go on leave as being fully away from the wiki for n weeks.

    This grants them immunity from activity requirements as admins/chat mods/etc. and will NOT be demoted for inactivity.

    When x months pass and the site does not hear from the inactive, their status will be changed to "Inactive" on the administration page and they have y months to return or make contributions. If they do not return, the admins will discuss among themselves and either demote…

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    Mr Pookie

    Every month, I will hold a contest. You will vote for your favourite character, and whoever gets the most votes will be featured on my page!

    Vote Here Gumball Watterson Richard Watterson Alan Masami

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    Tonio 321

    Somebody remember me?

    April 5, 2014 by Tonio 321

    Hello guys , somebody remember me , Im Tonio!

    Later of  be blocked by wikia Im unblocked and now I love minecraft and Gumball :-) 

    Now I not are a troll!

    And Im very happy today!

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    April 22, 2014 by EpicCharizard09
    • I Pikachu while you sleep. (I better Raichu an apology later)
    • I am Seaking attention from your manager.
    • My friend's been sick all morning and he can't stop Koffing and Weezing!
    • I was wondering if I could Axew a question...
    • I Absol-lutely hate bad puns like these.
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