• ThatGuy456

    Hello! This year has just been full of surprises. I have managed to produce my slop on a monthly basis for three consecutive months. Talk about record breaking.

    So, this is different from what I normally do. Typically, I write around one central topic, but this time, I decided to do a basic Top Ten list. I have not done one in nearly two years, and both attempts at them were quite frankly just terrible. Hopefully, this attempt will be fall less in the realm of awful in more of the realm of decent.

    In this list, I will be discussing some of my favorite episodes to air this year. Given that 2018 has been exclusively Season 6 content and this will be the last year to do something like this since the show is ending soon, I figured why not go ahe…

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  • CD234

    Hey, everyone ! I'm going to the episodes in TAWOG. If the opposition to my opinion,

    I respect your opinions !

    My first episode review's The Matchmaker. In my opinion, This episode is one of the best episodes

    in the show and better than The Shell.

    One day, Darwin Watterson is looking at a computer and very sad. Then he sings a song (Without You) to express

    the emotion he's feeling. This song is very wonderful ! Donielle T. Hansley Jr.(Darwin's 3rd voice actor)

    is a nice singer because his voice is unique and impressive and I was impressed. I think he is the best Darwin's voice actor

    in the show. The visual is also great. I love this song. This song is one of my favorite songs in the show.

    Then Gumball Watterson comes and asks Darwin what he is si…

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  • CD234

    The Rival:Awful(1/10)

    The Lady:Okay(5/10)

    The Sucker:Great(8/10)

    The Vegging:Good(7/10)

    The One:Good(7/10)

    The Father:Superb(9/10)

    The Cringe:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Cage:Good(7/10)

    The Faith:Amazing(10/10)

    The Candidate:Okay(5/10)

    The Anybody:Meh(4/10)

    The Pact:Decent(6/10)

    The Neighbor:Okay(5/10)

    The Shippening:Superb(9/10)

    The Brain:Decent(6/10)

    The Parents:Superb(9/10)

    The Founder:Great(8/10)

    The Schooling:Great(8/10)

    The Intelligence:Good(7/10)

    The Potion:Decent(6/10)

    The Spinoffs:Great(8/10)

    The Transformation:Superb(9/10)

    The Understanding:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Ad:Good(7/10)

    The Ghouls:Great(8/10)

    The Stink:Decent(6/10)

    The Awareness:Good(7/10)

    The Slip:Good(7/10)

    The Drama:Decent(6/10)

    The Buddy:Amazing(10/10)

    Top 5(So far)

    1.The Buddy

    2.The Faith

    3.The Transformation


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  • CD234

    The Rerun:Superb(9/10)

    The Stories:Decent(6/10)

    The Guy:Superb(9/10)

    The Boredom:Good(7/10)

    The Vision:Good(7/10)

    The Choices:Amazing(10/10)

    The Code:Superb(9/10)

    The Test:Good(7/10)

    The Slide:Great(8/10)

    The Loophole:Meh(4/10)

    The Copycats:Superb(9/10)

    The Potato:Meh(4/10)

    The Fuss:Good(7/10)

    The Outside:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Vase:Great(8/10)

    The Matchmaker:Amazing(10/10)

    The Box:Great(8/10)

    The Console:Superb(9/10)

    The Ollie:Great(8/10)

    The Catfish:Okay(5/10)

    The Cycle:Terrible(0/10)

    The Stars:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Grades:Good(7/10)

    The Diet:(7/10)

    The Ex:Terrible(0/10)

    The Sorcerer:Good(7/10)

    The Menu:Decent(6/10)

    The Uncle:Good(7/10)

    The Weirdo:Okay(5/10)

    The Heist:Good(7/10)

    The Singing:Amazing(10/10)

    The Best:Superb(9/10)

    The Worst:Good(7/10)

    The Deal:Meh(4/10)

    The Petals:…

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  • CD234

    The Return:Good(7/10)

    The Nemesis:Good(7/10)

    The Crew:Great(8/10)

    The Others:Okay(5/10)

    The Signature:Great(8/10)

    The Check:Great(8/10)

    The Pest:Good(7/10)

    The Sale:Decent(6/10)

    The Gift:Superb(9/10)

    The Parking:Great(8/10)

    The Routine:Good(7/10)

    The Upgrade:Decent(6/10)

    The Comic:Superb(9/10)

    The Romantic:Decent(6/10)

    The Uploads:Great(8/10)

    The Apprentice:Meh(4/10)

    The Hug:Great(8/10)

    The Wicked:Great(8/10)

    The Traitor:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Origins:Superb(9/10)

    The Origins:Part Two:Amazing(10/10)

    The Girlfriend:Decent(6/10)

    The Advice:Terrible(0/10)

    The Signal:Okay(5/10)

    The Parasite:Decent(6/10)

    The Love:Amazing(10/10)

    The Awkwardness:Okay(5/10)

    The Nest:Superb(9/10)

    The Points:Good(7/10)

    The Bus:Great(8/10)

    The Night:Superb(9/10)

    The Misunderstandings:Meh(4/10)

    The Root…

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  • CD234

    The Kids:Superb(9/10)

    The Fan:Decent(6/10)

    The Coach:Great(8/10)

    The Joy:Great(8/10)

    The Puppy:Great(8/10)

    The Recipe:Good(7/10)

    The Name:Decent(6/10)

    The Extras:Good(7/10)

    The Gripes:Awful(1/10)

    The Vacation:Superb(9/10)

    The Fraud:Good(7/10)

    The Void:Great(8/10)

    The Boss:Great(8/10)

    The Move:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Law:Okay(5/10)

    The Allergy:Good(7/10)

    The Mothers:Great(8/10)

    The Password:Okay(5/10)

    The Procrastinators:Good(7/10)

    The Shell:Superb(9/10)

    The Burden:Okay(5/10)

    The Bros:Terrible(0/10)

    The Mirror:Superb(9/10)

    The Man:Great(8/10)

    The Pizza:Meh(4/10)

    The Lie:Amazing(10/10)

    The Butterfly:Superb(9/10)

    The Question:Amazing(10/10)

    The Saint:Meh(4/10)

    The Friend:Superb(9/10)

    The Oracle:Great(8/10)

    The Safety:Good(7/10)

    The Society:Good(7/10)

    The Spoiler:Amazing(10/10)


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  • CD234

    The Remote:Superb(9/10)

    The Colossus:Superb(9/10)

    The Knights:Meh(4/10)

    The Fridge:Okay(5/10)

    The Flower:Great(8/10)

    The Banana:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Phone:Good(7/10)

    The Job:Good(7/10)


    The Treasure:Superb(9/10)

    The Apology:Good(7/10)

    The Words:Decent(6/10)

    The Skull:Good(7/10)

    The Bet:Awful(1/10)


    The Watch:Great(8/10)

    The Bumpkin:Good(7/10)

    The Flakers:Meh(4/10)

    The Authority:Okay(5/10)

    The Virus:Superb(9/10)

    The Pony:Good(7/10)

    The Hero:Okay(5/10)

    The Dream:Bad(3/10)

    The Sidekick:Decent(6/10)

    The Photo:Great(8/10)

    The Tag:Good(7/10)

    The Storm:Amazing(10/10)

    The Lesson:Great(8/10)

    The Game:Good(7/10)

    The Limit:Okay(5/10)

    The Voice:Great(8/10)

    The Promise:Awful(1/10)

    The Castle:Bad(2/10)

    The Boombox:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Tape:Great(…

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  • CD234

    I'm going to make scorecards per Season.

    Amazing(10/10),Superb(9/10),Great(8/10),Good(7/10), Decent(6/10),Okay(5/10),Meh(4/10) Mediocre(3/10),Bad(2/10),Awful(1/10),Terrible(0/10)

    The DVD:Great(8/10)

    The Responsible:Decent(6/10)

    The Third:Good(7/10)

    The Debt:Good(7/10)

    The End:Good(7/10)

    The Dress:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Quest:Superb(9/10)

    The Spoon:Amazing(10/10)

    The Pressure:Great(8/10)

    The Painting:Superb(9/10)

    The Laziest:Good(7/10)

    The Ghost:Okay(5/10)

    The Mystery:Great(8/10)

    The Prank:Good(7/10)

    The Gi:Great(8/10)

    The Kiss:Bad(2/10)

    The Party:Great(8/10)

    The Refund:Superb(9/10)

    The Robot:Bad(2/10)

    The Picnic:Meh(4/10)

    The Goons:Good(7/10)

    The Secret:Good(7/10)

    The Sock:Great(8/10)

    The Genius:Meh(4/10)

    The Poltergeist:Great(8/10)

    The Mustache:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Date:O…

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  • Pookie Cookie55

    I only made this because i was bored...

    (It's not 2011 because The Laziest takes place in 2010)

    • 1683: Carrie's birth
    • 1938: Louie's birth
    • 1947: Granny Jojo's birth
    • 1972: Nicole and Richard are born
    • 1977: Frankie leaves his family
    • 1982: Mrs. Jotunheim is born
    • 1983: Rocky's birth
    • 1984: The first flashback of "The Choices" happens
    • 1996: Tina is born
    • 1997: Jamie is born
    • 1998: Gumball and most of his classmates are born
    • 2000: Darwin is born
    • 2002: The Origins 1 and 2 take place
    • 2003: Gumball and Darwin get their first video game and abandon their puppets
    • 2006: Anais is born
    • 2008: Carmen is expelled from Franklin Jr. High

    • -327}}: Carrie's birth
    • -72}}: Louie's birth
    • -63}}: Granny Jojo's birth
    • -38}}: Nicole and Richard are born
    • -33}}: Frankie leaves his family
    • -28}}: Mrs.…

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  • BattleForBFDIFan4

    Mine is good. Comment about your opinions!

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