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  • Strong Mad

    I am aware that Ben based Elmore off of a town in California. But there's a key phrase, Based off of. Just because it's based off of a California town doesn't mean it really takes place there. To back this up, here are a few examples I've brought up elsewhere along with new ones that further emphasizes the point.

    In King of The Hill, Arlen is based off of a Dallas suburb and Arlen is quite a drive from Dallas according to the show.

    Springfield from the Simpsons is based off a town in Oregon, but Springfield has no official state.

    The town in Diary of a Wimpy Kid takes place in the United States but the film was shot in Surrey and Vancouver BC.

    Movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Bridge to Terabbithia were shot in New Zealand but d…

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  • CallMeCici

    It may not seem like it, but I think of you guys every day. Oftentimes, I'm reminded of you when I hear a song, or watch a TV show, or play a game. Here we go...

    Stickventures720: I think of you whenever I play classic Mario games, such as my favorite, Super Mario World.

    Klonoamiyumi: I think of you when I watch Clannad, and when I listen to Anime music. I also think of you when I see something Sonic-related, and whenever I hear Avril Lavigne on the radio.

    Gameuser10: I think of you when I go to church/read the Bible, and whenever I listen to Celldweller or Blue Stahli. I also think of you when I read dark poetry- heck, I even think of you when I write poetry sometimes.

    Chuua: I think of you when I eat waffles, and when I see pictures of kawaii f…

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  • Gameuser10

    Well, mine hasn't changed much, if not at all.

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  • Bunkers8399

    I am sorry, but the way I see it, I should go before I get in trouble for using the chat and what really goes on in there. Sorry if this feels like goodbye, but it doesn't have to be. If you want to contact me, I'll be on SNN under the same username and everything. I'll still use this wiki, but the chat, not so much. The reason why I'm migrating there is because it's much safer there, no cussing (only the ones you can say on TV, as George Carlin once said) no dirty jokes, and it just doesn't feel as risky. Again, sorry if this feels like the end, but if you want to contact me, you know where to find me. Adios.

    UPDATE: I came up with a solution: I'll just go on chat late at night using Private Browsing, when I won't have to worry about anyon…

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  • Bunkers8399

    Going to Texas

    July 1, 2015 by Bunkers8399

    I will be out for a week because I am going to Texas to visit my grandma and my cousins. WiFi is scarce out there so you won't see me on.

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  • Gumblinasuv46

    I am 4th grade in my school, no. 1 in class. So, I think myself as a superstar! This is what I think about Gumball and Darwin.

    Everytime I switch on the laptop, I only surf 3 main things: pen pal (a place where I search for friends onilne), gmail and GUMBALL! I don't know what's into me, I just can't help it. I've always dream of making a girl-like Gumball, and her name: what you call me as my username.

    She's got the same dream as me, being a superstar. I wish one day this character would come to life. In this wiki, I will try my best to give support. There are so much more for me to learn!

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  • Sunsetphoenix


    June 1, 2015 by Sunsetphoenix

    So... AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL IS RETURNING!!!! Check out the Clarence's Summer Splash commercial! The six shows that are getting premiers 'all week long' (I don't know what that means because there are only 4 weeks of Summer Splash) are Adventure Time, Steven Universe (Steven Bomb week of 6/15), Uncle Grandpa, Clarence (of course), Regular Show, and Teen Titans Go (only two in correct order are Adventure Time and Steven Universe). I saw the advertisment for The Egg. It can only be presumed that after Summer Splash new Gumballs will premier regularly. I can't wait, because my three fave shows are Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, and Teen Titans (not Teen Titans Go). They're all tied and Summer Splash will end SU and AWG hiatuses.…

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  • StickVentures720

    This is my official blog for Season 4 information, such as leaked backgrounds, reels, all that good stuff. If you find anything put it in the comments below!

    • More secrets to be revealed
    • Rob will return 

    View S4 episode titles

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  • Gameuser10

    Periodic Updates

    June 18, 2015 by Gameuser10
        • Clear Template:ArticleVotes
        • Update main page
        • Post new thread. Make sure to copy source code from old thread as copying it in visual mode adds unnecessary spaces.
        • Add category to article
        • Update The_Amazing_World_of_Gumball_Wiki:Featured_Article_of_the_Month#Archives
      • Get admin to update Special:Forum description

    • Weekly Trivia
    • User poll
    • Community poll
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  • Lovestory is wonderful

    1.The Storm(The Best Episode Of TAWOG) 2.The Club 3.The Void 4.The DVD 5.The Bumpkin 6.The Tape 7.The Painting 8.The Coach 9.The Remote 10.The Party

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