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  • Prawn person

    It could happen you guys! The crossover in season five is still open to speculation. It may not be Steven universe it crosses over with but it's still a possibility. It would actually be funny to see peridots' reaction to Darwin. "WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?!"

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  • 202nd Skywalker

    Enjoy all the garbage left on the edges because I can't perfect GIMP.

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  • Dihaha

    Each Season Opinion

    July 4, 2016 by Dihaha

    This is a regular season for me.But Gumball is very annoying and he is too naive.

    Fav:The Party

    Worst:The Robot

    PS:Leave your opinion below about each season.This blog is under construction.                                                                                        

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  • Kollector's Work

    I will no longer be making references or jokes, honestly I feel like an idiot for not doing this sooner, it makes sense not to do something that many people have said over and over again that they find said thing annoying. Another thing is I will no longer look through the Wiki history, as it is creepy and comes off as stalk-ish, I know many people find me doing that creepy. I also will try to phase things better, as sometimes they appear to people more mean then I intended them to be, a classic case of no tone in text making sentences seem to be more serious then they actually are. My final thing, actions speak louder then words, I may have said I will stop doing X in the past and failed, but not anymore, I can't just let people down over…

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  • Sonicthehedgehog223


    June 22, 2016 by Sonicthehedgehog223

    Did they end sonic boom? Since then, gumball became my favorite show.

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  • R Martin

    I know I've been inactive for—what? three years?—but my passion for the show has rekindled. And I figured to put that passion into good use. So I put this together, a two-video countdown of my top 10 best/favorite episodes of the show. I go into as much detail as I can as to why these episodes made the cut, and why they're in the specific spots they've been designated to.

    Be warned that there is coarse language used in these videos.

    Note that I rant for a solid minute during the number one pick. There's an annotation before the actual rant that you can click on if you want to skip the rant.

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  • HailToTheRetard

    Gumball and Carrie vs Dawin and Carrie

    Honestly I am a Gumball and Carrie fan, I mean they are close friends and the episodes where Carrie helps Gumball and Darwin she looks at Gumball in a way. Also if you are saying that Darwin and Carrie are gonna be cannon then yes, you are correct. My biggest problem though is the fact that it feels forced, I mean in the episode The Scam they show feelings they barely showed in the past. Now you could argue about the time where Darwin kissed Carrie but that is basically it. Now look at the episode, they act like how Penny and Gumball act in the show but they never really showed any of it in past episodes (I could be wrong with this since I don't remember all the episodes but if I did make a mistake and…

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  • Prawn person

    The magic van.

    July 25, 2016 by Prawn person

    So... The magic van... What's the deal with all that? In "The Puppy" it just seemed like a typical never to be brought up again thing. It couldn't really be magic, it was just Richard viewing things through his rose-tinted goggles. Then the origins happened... oh boy. It looked so much more... Mysterious in the origins. It wasn't just full of tacky junk like the first time we saw it. Did Richard even Remember where he bought Darwin? Hmmm...

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  • SharkmanBriton


    July 29, 2016 by SharkmanBriton

    Yeah before joining this fandom I was rubbish at drawing, but since I got the idea to draw some from a bud on Discord, I've gone from poopy to 'sort of okay'

    So yeah, Darwin is really fun to draw, the head is quite difficult but once you get the hang of it it's not really a problem. You can try doing two circles or just go for it, I did the two circles method on my first Darwin, but after that I just went for it until I got it to look right. You have to remember the eyelashes, and it's good to have the shiny bit on the side of his head, his legs need a bit of experimenting to get the right length but I'd say they're about 1 1/2 the height of his head, or somewhere about that. 

    Another character I love drawing is Carrie, her shape is rather b…

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  • GoldWatterson

    According to Ben Boquelet, he saw the season 4 finale finished around February. He also added that he loved it. This is why TAWOG is probably going to go on hiatus on June. Since TAWOG might have some episodes done for season 5 or just one done, there's currently around 14 unaired episodes ready and TAWOG is airing episodes weekly. It takes a while to make each TAWOG episode because of all the styles they use. But they probably have two or more episodes for season 5 done because there are multiple groups of people working on each episode. But the season 4 finale could of finished before around February and later Ben Boquelet watched it. How I found out:

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