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  • Gameuser10

    Words and Thoughts

    March 23, 2015 by Gameuser10
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  • Sylvio851

    Ben Bocquelet say on twitter 

    six is my last.

    If you don't believe me :

    I am surprised the show is go. And you ?

    UPDATE : Ben Bocquelet announced there is a possibility of season 7 of TAWOG but he left the show after the season 6.

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  • Prawn person

    Carwin things.

    September 7, 2016 by Prawn person

    Post your Carwin ideas here, because it,in my humble opinion,is best ship.

    Forget your pain and strife,it's carwin for life.

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  • Valer22

    The title explains itself.

    What I think they should explore/develop before the series ends:

    1. Carrie and Darwin's relationship.

    2. Development of more minor characters (such as Sussie, William, Alan, Carmen and Idaho).

    3. Anais' social skills.

    4. Nicole's maiden name and her side of the family.

    It would also be great if Gumball and Darwin could be aged slightly, maybe to the age of 13. They have matured a lot since season 1 so I think it'd only make sense. Plus, Jacob and Terrell could stay longer if that were done. I also think it would nice if Logan Grove and Kwesi Boakye could return for one episode, voicing different characters of course.

    What do you think?

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  • Gameuser10

    Dang. One whole year since my last one. Well, post up your screens.

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  • GRARTISTICArtistic

    even though Anais point out that they will disappear, the reason Darwin didn't disappear and died instead is because he was adopted and gain lung and legs from Gumball.

    eh probably everyone else also knew this too.

    anyway, share any of your theory about S5 episodes.

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  • Aronvtc


    September 20, 2016 by Aronvtc
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  • BlueMario4848

    One Of My Favorite Shows Is Coming To An End.........If There's No Reboot For Gumball Nor A Movie.......I'll Grew Being Nothing..............But.........I Hope Gumball Gets An Awesome Future.............*How Could This Happen To Me Plays*

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  • Joey108

    Hey guys, I've seen the two previews of "The Guy", about Anais trying to be friends with a guy named Josh. These are two speculations, as to what Josh is:

    1. Josh is Rachel: In "The Party", Rachel tells Darwin that she invited her friends to the party, but they never came. Maybe that lead to Rachel being in The Void, so she escaped and disguised herself as Josh. Plus, Josh had the same behavior as Anais did, and his color is somewhat identical to Rachel's, but that's just speculation. Sort of like the "Wreck-It Ralph" plot twist with King Candy.

    2. Josh is Tobias and Rachel's cousin: He has the same look and appearance as the rest of the WIlson family. Maybe the episode can establish him trying to bring Rachel out of the Void.

    So, what do you…

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  • Emperor Gumball


    September 23, 2016 by Emperor Gumball

    I have decided to start contributing to the AWOG more. I will start editing way more than I have.

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