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Blind Folded Title Card

Title card of the game.

Blind Fooled is the fourth online game based on The Amazing World of Gumball. It was released 5/21/12 at CN US site.


Gumball and Darwin made dumb games similar to "The Goons"' Dumb Race where they try to find each other blindfolded. Anais notices that the boys are oblivious to the dangerous obstacles, so she tries to convenience them by moving objects for them to benefit from i.e. walking over boxes, or avoiding sharp things.


To move Left/Right: A/S or Left Arrow/Right Arrow

To Jump: Up Arrow or 'W'

To Pickup objects: Down Arrow

To blow Whistle: Space


Gumball and Darwin have to avoid Obstacles and falling. So Anais helps them with the obstacles.One box allows Either one of them to get to higher ground, while Two prevents them from moving in that direction.This is very useful to avoid Carmen. While smelly sock can do the same thing. Springs allow you to jump into high places Anais,Gumball and Darwin cannot normally reach.Laundry Basket can save them if there going to fall in the spot where the laundry basket is placed. At Masami can give you rides at gaps. Note:Masami will move away from Anais.Alan can give you rides to get in the air. The Dog is an can stop it either using a Dog bone or surround it with box.

Rainbows appear every level. They give 100 points each. They are required to collect in order to get gold in a level.

To get gold, you must finish a level under 100 seconds with all the rainbows within the level. Failing these conditions will result either silver or bronze.

When the timer hits 0, either of boys got hurt like Carman, dogs, and from falling impact, the level ends with a game over.


Gb blindfooled mystery - If you let Gumball or Darwin ride Alan, you'll get the "Up, Up, and Away" badge.

Gb blindfooled 30sec - If you beat a level in 30 seconds or less, you'll get the "Blind Rush" badge.

Gb blindfooled beatgame - If you complete all levels, you'll get the "Foolproof" badge.

Gb blindfooled laundry - If you catch someone with the laundry basket, you'll get the "Fabric Softener" badge.

Gb blindfooled feeddog - If you feed the dog with a bone, you'll get the "Dog Gone" badge.

Gb blindfooled allrainbows - If you collect all the rainbows in all levels, you'll get the "Rainbow Ranger" badge.


  • Gumball's tail is not shown during the game. However, it is shown at the Title Screen.
  • In the first cutscene, Anais' ears are drawn differently in a down position than the normal position. It resembles her upward ears merely reversed, as opposed to a circle-like shape.
  • Glitch: When Gumball or Darwin is riding on Masami, Anais makes Masami move immediately after reaching the destination, either of them will start getting off Masami but will only jump off after Masami is finished moving.
  • If you look in the ground during the levels, you'll sometimes find references from episodes and characters like Gumball's scratched up DVD and Idaho.
  • The last two levels are impossible without performing the "Masami Glitch".
  • During the entire game the shade on Darwin's legs and arms looked like a dark, clear shade. (Unlike the show where Darwin's shade is black.)


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