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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Toast
Age: 12
Friends: Tina, Jamie, Gumball, Idaho, Darwin
Relatives: Anton's Parents, Uncle Eddie, Ant-One (clone), Ant-Two (clone), Anton Clones
Occupation: Student
Voice: Lewis MacLeod (Season 1)
Unknown (Season 2 onwards)

Anton is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a crumbly piece of toast who attends Elmore Junior High, and is in Miss Simian's class. Tina and Jamie forced him into their gang against his will.


Anton is a small piece of toast. The dark spots on him indicate he was burned somehow. He wears white gloves on his skinny, black arms. He also wears little red, white, and blue shoes.


Anton seems to be a bit of a pushover. Most of his appearances have ended with him getting hurt - getting squished by Tina, getting hit in the face with a banana, getting swarmed by birds, having his sandwich stolen by Carrie, and getting eaten by ducks in The Dumb Race. Furthermore, every line he has spoken has been meek or unconfident, as if he's scared.

Anton was forced into Tina's gang, which implies that he (against his will) joins them in their bullying. This has been shown in "The Meddler", where he joins Tina, Jamie, and for some reason, Banana Joe in teasing Gumball about his mom being in school (he also laughs when Tina gets insulted, though). Secretly, he despises being with the gang but has never tried to leave because of his fear of Tina. However, he has grown a relationship with Tina and Jamie, despite that he was forced into doing it. He could possibly be friends with Banana Joe and Idaho.


Anton has been seen dying on-screen several times, yet somehow he always manages to get reborn. The process behind this phenomenon is revealed in "The Recipe," where Gumball and Darwin witness his parents remaking Anton by toasting a piece of bread at a certain setting. It is later discovered that multiple Anton clones can be made in this way, though unless toasted at just the right temperature for the right amount of time, the personality may be altered a bit. Burning the bread, for example, creates an evil, vengeful Anton with a deep voice. Most of Gumball and Darwin's Anton clones turned out to be naive and gullible, blindly following the orders of their creators and, later, the burnt Anton. This is likely because they did not toast the bread properly.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


This is a list of all the times Anton has died in the show.

Season 1

  • The Third: Anton is crushed by Tina stepping on him.
  • The End: Anton is eaten alive by a flock of birds.
  • The Goons: Anton blindly runs into a lake where he is eaten by ducks.

Season 3

  • The Recipe: Anton dies multiple times in this episode. In fact, the entire episode focuses on Anton dying and coming back to life soon after that.
    • Anton's first death was diving into the pool where he soon dissolved.
    • Anton was crushed by a bowling ball.
    • Anton saw a screamer on the computer which made his pass out.
    • Anton was eaten by Tobias.
    • Anton poured chemicals into a test tube which blew up in his face and killed him.
    • Anton fell into the paper shredder.
    • Anton used a slide whistle which made his head explode.
    • The door closed on Anton, crushing him in between.
    • Trina stepped on Anton.
    • A baseball broke a hole in Anton's body.
    • Anton was attacked by a flock of birds in his locked who ate him.
    • AntONE blasted Anton with a water hose, tearing a hole in his body, killing him.


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  • Almost every time Anton appears, he gets injured in one way or another. Though he doesn't get injured in Season 2.
  • Anton placed 8th in The Dumb Race.
  • Anton is often seen consuming sandwiches, which is ironic considering how he is a bread product himself. Sarah does the same thing in "The Fan", as she is seen eating ice cream; and the Doughnut Sheriff does this as well in episodes such as "The Spoon" where he is seen to crave doughnuts.
  • Anton has been injured at least 15 times.
  • Anton is usually seen getting eaten. In the episode "The End", he was seen getting eaten by a flock of crows. In the episode "The Goons", he was seen getting eaten by a bunch of ducks. He also appeared in one of Cartoon Network's bumpers. In the bumper, Gumball is seen passing down a bunch of food to Richard in a theater with the last one being Anton. In "The Coach", a real-life clip of ducks eating a slice of toast was briefly seen, with Anton's voice screaming and suspenseful music playing. In "The Recipe", Anton is eaten by Tobias and a flock of birds.
  • Anton's consciousness does not transfer after he dies, so he has no idea how he died before or that he died at all.


What? You want my sandwich? Here! Take it! Please let me go!

—Anton to birds who want to eat him



Butter side down. Just like poor Uncle Eddie.

—Anton on Tina's sandwich

Anton: Dude, what's goin' on?
Tobias: I don't know. I'll go check.


You made a clone of me!?

—Anton to Gumball

Anton: How many!?
Ant II: How many!?
Anton: How many!?

—Anton to Gumball

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