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Occasionally, the graphic artists for The Amazing World of Gumball make mistakes in the animation process. Here, you can see some examples.

Before adding a new picture, follow these regulations:

  • Gumball and Nicole having a different number of whiskers is not considered an error, since this simply shows perspective. It only counts as an error if the whiskers are gone or one of them is missing altogether.
  • Characters have black lines on them somewhere. This is just shading, and not a legitimate error.
    • A discolored mouth is an error.
  • Make sure that the pictures being added to the gallery are in good quality, and that the mistake is clearly visible. Poor quality pictures make it hard to identify the error in question, and sometimes, a scene may look erroneous when it is actually just the low quality of the material.
    • Pictures in the ".png" format are recommended.
  • Make sure there are no circles or arrows pointing to where the error is located, as this is what the descriptions are used for. If you already uploaded an image with any circles and/or arrows, replace it by uploading a new one with no circles or arrows.
  • If you are not sure whether an error is legitimate, ask someone about it before adding the picture.
  • In the picture description, it must have the episode name in which the picture came from, in the form of "[[<episode name>]]." If you do not know what season of the episode is in a picture, see the Episode Guide. This does not apply to the "Miscellaneous" category.
  • Any misspelled name in an animation is not a legitimate error. That kind of error can be inserted in the episode's "Goofs/Errors" section instead.

Season 1


The gallery for Season 1 images of Animation Errors can be found here.

Season 2


The gallery for Season 2 images of Animation Errors can be found here.

Season 3


The gallery for Season 3 images of Animation Errors can be found here.

Season 4


The gallery for Season 4 images of Animation Errors can be found here.

Season 5


The gallery for Season 5 images of Animation Errors can be found here.


This section only shows animation errors made from outside the episodes (such as the intro or the trailer video).

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