These are the relationships Anais has with the other characters in the series.



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Gumball is Anais' older brother. She finds him foolish and dumb. Though she may seem to think poorly of him, she does have her moments when she admits she loves him or cares for him, and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to help her out such as trying to retrieve her Daisy doll in "The Quest." In terms of maturity, she is the "older sister", but she does look up to him. She can sometimes be very angry or cross with him whenever he does something wrong, and when he was the babysitter, she decided she could do whatever she wanted. Despite all that, she still loves her older brother no matter what.


Darwin is Anais' older, adopted brother. They seem to get along well and can be seen together at school many times. Anais possibly likes Darwin more than Gumball as seen in "The Goons," since she got along better with him when she decided to act like a dumb person. Anais shows care for Darwin as well. Also they're always teaming up to do something important, whether it be stopping Gumball from using the Lucky Helmet or Anais doing Darwin's "Intellectual Test" to help him. In "The Roots" it was revealed that Darwin is her favorite brother.


As the mother of Anais, Nicole loves her youngest and only daughter. She is very protective of her and only wants her to be safe and happy. Nicole recognizes Anais' intelligence and often wants to solve puzzles with her, taking pictures of the finished piece as seen in "The Goons." Although they enjoy spending time with one another, Anais usually gets frightened when Nicole becomes furious.


Richard cares about his daughter's well-being, going so far as to get a job for Anais despite his intense hatred of working as shown in "The Painting."

Granny Jojo

Anais resembles her grandmother greatly. In "The Kiss," she struggles to get Granny Jojo's heavy luggage upstairs. After spending a night finishing this task, she gets angry when she is asked to bring it down again. In "The Authority," Granny Jojo keeps her safe, and protects her (at the cost of Anais' intelligence). In "The Man," Anais helps Granny Jojo meet up with Louie.



Anais meets Billy for their playdate, arranged by Nicole in "The Egg." They discover they share a lot of interests, and it is even implied that they fall in love with each other. However their short-lived friendship ends after Billy states that he does not like Daisy the Donkey. In "The Pest," Billy has been bullying Anais at Elmore Junior High, and she avows to beat him up.



They have only interacted once with each other in "Halloween" by having Carrie say no to Anais' offer to join the ghost party. Because of this, Anais might not be fond of Carrie. In "The Quest", Carrie and Tobias take away Anais' Daisy the Donkey doll and toss it back and forward.

Tina Rex

Anais does not interact with Tina much. In "The Quest," she and her brothers try taking Daisy the Donkey back from Tina. Later, she lets Tina keep it. In "The Fight," Anais stands up to Tina after she discovers her brother, Gumball, being bullied by her. In the end, she finds that Tina and Gumball have become friends.

Daisy the Donkey

Though not alive, Anais loves Daisy very much. This is shown in "The Remote," and especially in "The World" where it reveals that she got Daisy for her birthday. Even in "The Car," Anais begs and later forces her mother to bring her to the "Daisy the Donkey on Ice" show and makes her brothers take Daisy back in "The Quest." In "The World" though, when Daisy becomes alive and says she loves Anais too, Anais gets scared and kicks her away. However, Anais does not just use Daisy as a doll, but extends it as a place to hide objects as shown in "The Remote". She seem to care for her alot, seen in "The Detective," where she tries to find out who stole Daisy.


In "The Friend", Anais becomes friends with Chimera, though the friendship started off somewhat awkward. When the Chimera is revealed to be a criminal, Anais and her brothers defend him from the government. She was very upset when he exploded, believing he was dead. However, Chimera reassembled himself and promised to visit the Wattersons, though he has not appeared since.