Gumball: "Hey, how's it going?"
Anais: "I don't know, how do you think it's going?"

—Anais in "The Responsible".


—Anais in "The Responsible".

Anais: "This plan already reeks of failure."

—Anais in "The Dress".

Gumball: "Relax, sis, it's only a toy!"
Anais: [in a deep scary voice] "NO. IT'S. NOT."
Gumball: [frightened] "Okay, we'll get it back."

—Anais in "The Quest".

Anais: "Should we just hug? [Gumball and Anais hug each other and get run over by Marvin]

—Anais in "The Goons".

Anais: "Gumball? Sounds like your pen's broken. Let me have a look." [breaks pen]
Gumball: [scatting and drumming with the halves of the pen]

—Anais on "Elmore Stream-It".

Anais: "All I need is my Daisy." [Cuddles Daisy]

—Anais in "The Remote".

Anais: "By analyzing the dream, we can resolve the real-life problem."
[Gumball and Darwin look in confusion]
Anais: [sigh] "If we work out what the dream represents, we can resolve the problem in real-life."
[Gumball and Darwin look more confused]
Anais: [deep sigh] "Explainy dream, feely good!"
Gumball and Darwin: "Ooh!"

—Anais in "The Dream".

Anais: "Like I said, is it really that important?"

—Anais in "The Plan".

Gumball: "Oh my gosh, WHAT HAVE I DONE? Think about how upset everyone's gonna be when everything I promised doesn't come true? It'll be like-" [Imagines Earth blowing up]
Anais: "I think you're being overdramatic. It'll be more like-" [Imagines a clay model version of Gumball being smashed up]

—Anais in "The Lie".

Gumball: "How 'bout 'Dependence Day'"
Anais: "(said silly) YAY! Where we all celebrate our lack of freedom"

—Anais in "The Lie".