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Albert the Pervert tawog clipped
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Slime
Occupation: Babysitter
First Appearance: "The Responsible"
Voice: Rupert Degas

Albert the Pervert is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He only appears in "The Responsible" as the babysitter Richard found on the internet. He is known to literally sit on babies, as he explained to Nicole once she opened the door. He also makes cameos in "The Internet" and "The Finale".


He is a nasty, slimy creature of unknown origin. He has a thick framed glasses and a big pink nose. His mouth is full of rotten, yellow teeth. 


Albert most definitely isn't the best choice for a babysitter. Judging by how he reacted when Nicole asked him who he was, he seems rude and creepy. Strangely, he seems to have an affinity for sitting on babies.


Hi, I'm here to sit on the baby.

—Albert to Nicole

Well duh, I'm the babysitter!

—Albert to Nicole


  • His name "Albert the Pervert" is an obvious innuendo.
  • His voice is similar to Gus, a character that Rupert Degas voices on another Cartoon Network series: Robotboy.
  • He makes a short cameo in the episode "The Finale".
  • His name is similar to Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy.


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