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"She's a Lady" Song

Soooo I was just screwing around on Formspring looking back at questions asked early on, and there were a lot of interesting bits of information that has long been forgotten lol. In one of them, James Lamont called this song "Fine Lady" instead of "She's a Lady"...question is, should we change the name of the page? I dunno, maybe it's 'cause I've gotten used to the name that I'm hesitating. And Lamont might've just came up with that title on the spot. Also, the link's broken (probably 'cause the question's over a year old...) but here's a pic:


And looking at the dates when the song pages were created, it seems like we didn't start doing pages for songs until like, a few months after this question lol.

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Yeah, you should do it. She's A Lady has the same name as the Tom Jones song.

i always thought it was called that, but i changed my mind because of the wiki page.

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